Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Windu & Binks: Frenemies (A Star Wars "What If" Series)

Sketching out the characters for a possible series.


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanks for everything! I mean it! (re-post)

Thanks for everything! I mean it!
How to begin? Well, I got sick. Really sick. Puking every day sick. Then I got better, but still haven't been able to shake this illness. I still get sick from time to time. To be honest I haven't been able to bounce back and work since. 

Then we bought a house. We had until the end of summer to get out of our apartment. So we decided to buy a house. It took all summer to find the right house. Then we had to wait for closing to happen, it kept getting delayed. Then the hurricane came and halted everything. I was in an emotional state that was so bad, so bad, that I had no idea how to even approach working. On top of that, I was still throwing up after lunch. Not eating until 2:30pm was making me weak and I also had to take care of our 3 yr old son. The walls were caving in on me. 

Now, we've moved to our beautiful home. I'm managing my health very well. Waiting for our health insurance to kick in to see what's wrong with me. And work? Well work is work. I'm taking everything in ever so slowly. Wondering how I'm going to get anything done. Will anything come out to the light. We shall see. I'm still here. Thanks for everything! I mean it! 



Download Sam and Dan's latest game on Android!!!!+The+Last+Defense

Watch season 3 of Pokemon Tower Defense fan saga!!!

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