Thursday, November 26, 2015

Comics will resume in December, Man I dunno when they'll resume.

+Want a bigger chance to win the giveaway?!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 Trainer Pass Giveaway Chances

Want a bigger chance to win the giveaway?  (i)

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Don't know what the trainer pass is?

Membership has evolved into.... Trainer Pass! Get it today!
A while back I was talking about having a membership plan that you guys and gals could subscribe to and get some great member's only features. The plan at the time was to make it a low monthly fee but have changed my mind since then. It will be a one time fee and you will have the features activated forever!

So let's talk about what you get:
  • Increased chance for Shiny/Shadow Pokemon to appear in the wild
  • No ads while you play the game
  • Get a copy of shiny giveaway Pokemon automatically every week
  • Faster Breeding - Breed with only one visit instead of 2, essentially breed something everyday!
  • Faster Leveling - Get twice the experience on every battle!
  • Weekly Giveaways for pass holders only

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