Friday, July 14, 2017

The Jealous Tree (video)

Why So Jelly, tree?

The story behind this short is one of intrigue. A few days back I was on Youtube trending browsing the vids when I noticed a rising Youtube channel suggestion. The channel was Billy but Better. I did clicked the channel and witnessed how scores of people began to subscribe to Billy. 

I have to admit, I felt jelly and salty from the whole experience, but being the angel that I am, I took to Twitter and congratulated Billy on his success (cue Post Malone song). After that, i posted "The Jealous Tree" sketch on Instagram. I had drawn that sketch months ago, but hadn't posted yet. I felt the timing was right for it. Then, I went ahead and made the short animation. I fell for the little rascal tree. I want to make more, but I need your support, just watch. 

So Jelly.

A paradox I found is that the tree can't do anything but be jelly. It can't move or walk away or do harm, it just remains there fixed in time and space, feeling all jelly inside. That's why I ended the video with no resolution.

The behind the scenes speed art or time-lapse is just to make the video longer than a few seconds. For those interested in animation and or graphic design, feel free to ask any question in the comment of the video or this blog. Thank you!

I'm enjoying making these cartoons, I hope you enjoy watching them!


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